SMDRMUX is the software which allows you to collect SMDR information from various number of PBXs and pass it to various number of Call Accounting Applications("PBX Call Tarifficator Pro", "WinTarif", etc.).

The main idea of SMDRMUX is usage of one (but this is not the limitation) Call Accounting application for processing of data from multiply PBXs.

Also software allows to convert Panasonic SMDR format used by PBX to the required Call Accounting Application Panasonic SMDR format.

You can convert Asterisk CDR data to Panasonic SMDR type C too. There are some requirements to the contexts of Asterisk.

The software consists of Windows-service Smdrmux which connects to PBXs as telnet clients and, from other side, works as telnet server, waiting connections from Call Accounting applications. Software can operate with PBXs only via Ethernet, RS-232 connection is not available.

The web browser should be used for configuration of PBX connections and Call Accounting applications, as well as users registration and other actions. Number of simultaneously connected PBXs and Call Accounting applications are defined by purchased license.

SMDRMUX can work with the following models of PBX now:

- Panasonic series: KX-TDE, KX-NCP, KX-NS, KX-NSX

- Panasonic series: KX-HTS

- Asterisk v.11+

Not licensed software can work with only one PBX and only one Call Accounting application.This fact allows you to get free solution for KX-HTS PBX series, if you already have Panasonic Type-C compatible Call Accounting software.

Download W7-x86

Installer in zip. Unzip before launch.

Download W10-64

Installer in zip. Unzip before launch.