Warning: this project is on development stage now. We published this page with the hope that you will help us to understand what features we should implement in accordance with your wishes to make the system most useful. Please, do not hesitate to issue new tickets (with subject 'PA') to present your vision of the system.

The main idea of project is to use non-expensive analogue PA components (amplifiers and speakers) and IP points (the IP to audio convertors) between amplifiers and IP network in order to get the distributed PA system controlled from one place. Of course, such approach allows to use the already installed analogue systems as well. Below you can see the very general connection diagram:

It looks like there isn't any new ideas, is it? But we try to develop really non-expensive system, unlikely the existing SIP PA systems are. We plan to use HTTPS instead of SIP, and the very low price IP points.

Let me describe the software components of the system. First, each IP point has own firmware providing the web interface to manage itself. Second, the centralized management software is used to control the whole system. You can see some views below:





IP points can be arranged into the groups:

You can prepare the mostly used announsements and assign them to the groups. When you start the announcement the only assigned groups of IP points will receive it.

Of course, you can record the announcement using your microphone.


You can send the announcement to the single IP point as well:


Also you can use the IP point to play backround music (internet radio station streaming, for examle)

So, this is our vision of distributed over IP public addressing system. Please, let us know what you'd prefer to get from such systems? Any aspects (security, scalability, etc) can be discussed.

Issue the new ticket or join to discuss in existing!