Available in Russian only


Available in Russian only


Installer in zip. Unzip before launch.

RecIt - software for recording of VoIP conversations passing through your PBX.

RecIt™ is a software for recording telephone conversations of SIP and MGCP(IP) subscribers and the conversations made over SIP-trunks of PBX. 

System provides:

- Recording of conversations to the computer hard disk in the WAV, MP3, GSM formats.

- Storage of date, time and of the duration of the recorded conversation.

- Determining the number for incoming calls.

- Compression of audio data by one of the standard algorithms.

One hour of recorded conversation takes from 27 Mb to 2 Mb, depending on the performance of the computer and desired record quality.

- Ability to listen to the selected call in realtime.

- Automatic deletion of records after a specified period of time of the deadline.

- Integration with CSTA-server of "Carmona Contact Center" product to get

more information about the call when you connect to the  PBX (internal subscriber number, CallerID, etc.) (depends of PBX model).

- Playing recordings on any computer equipped with a sound card.

- Playing records on any computer in the local area of the network.

- Filtering and search for records by channel number, phone number,  date of call, duration of conversation, etc.

The RecIt™ software consists of three components:

The ReсItSvc service is the Windows service used for recording of conversations.

The ReсIt application should be used to configure and test.

The Records Browser application is a component that provides database viewing and listening to the recorded files.


RecIt uses the famous great product: WinPcap packets capture library. Please, don't forget to install it before launch the RecIt.

The RecIt application is the component for configuration and system testing.

In this application all required settings should be set. You have to set your PBX or SIP server IP address, and, in case of Panasonic PBX, the DSP Card IP address.

You can select the number of used channels(no more than license allows, of course), and the network interface on which VoIP traffic is available.

In case of Panasonic PBX you can use the embedded MNT port as traffic source. Service reconnects to PBX and executes the commands, which keep mirroring of traffic, each 20 minutes.


For debuging purposes you can set the required log level and point the folder for logs.

You can define the folder for records, the format of recorded files and how long the records should be kept at your PC.

For correct call directory determination, you have to describe your MGCP and/or SIP phones.


Base RecIt license allows you to use four channels for conversations recording simultaneously.

Futher expansion of channels  can be made by adding 2-channels expansion licenses.






Also you can register the users which can control or configure your recorder, and configure the email delivery of recorded files if it requiered. Many different rules for filtering of records can be defined for each user.



And, of course, you can watch the calls flow as well as monitor calls in realtime.

Please, remember that RecIt cannot notify subscribers about the fact that recording takes place for their calls. You must use other ways for such notifications, if your laws require it.