This simplest program was developed by request of customer who needs to record portable radio stations chats. Records are made from PC line input connected to the base station. The main idea was to use Voice Activity Detection to start/stop record instead of continuous recording as customer done before. Of course you can select the input source, the microphones can be used as well as line inputs.

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Installer in zip. Unzip before launch.


Simplest manual:

In the Settings parameters group you can configure the VAD (Voice Activity Detection) parameters for the line (microphone) inputs.

Recording starts if the signal level is higher than the preset [Threshold] level during the minimum [Voice Activity Detection time].

Recording is disabled if the pause is longer than the [Max. pause time].

[Max. session time] - if the call duration exceeds the specified one, the recording ends and the recording of a new session starts immediately.

At any time, you can return to the initial settings by clicking the [Default] button.

You can specify the folder to save the files [Records folder]. The recorded files will be saved in the following folders
Records folder/YYYY/MM/DD/ under the name rec_HHmmss.wav, where YYYY - year, MM - month, DD - day, HH - hour, mm - minutes,
ss - seconds correspond to the date and time of the start of record.

In the Recorder parameters group you can select the device used as sound source and start/stop the record.