We suggest that you take the unnecessary burden off the shoulders of your system administrators regarding the maintenance of our products. Obviously, knowing the product, so to speak, from the inside, we will be able to quickly and efficiently respond to your wishes and requests, as well as to the detection of any inconsistencies in the work. Therefore, we offer you technical support for our products.

The cost of support is different for different products, you can find the prices on the "Buy" page. If you purchase a technical support subscription, we will provide you with the following:



1. Consultation

 1.1. Subject of consultation:

 1.1.1. Analyst consulting on changing software settings

 1.1.2. Analyst's consultations on adjusting changes in the settings independently made by the CUSTOMER.

 1.1.3. Consulting a system engineer on troubleshooting software.

 1.1.4. Consulting a system engineer on installing updates and new versions of software.

 1.2. Consultations are carried out without the CUSTOMER providing remote access to the software on the basis of text descriptions, screenshots, log files sent by the CUSTOMER.

 2. SOFTWARE support

 2.1. Analysis and identification of possible errors in the base software and modifications of the base software declared by the CUSTOMER.

 2.2. Storage of completed software modifications.

 2.3. Provision and installation of new software versions compatible with the used software versions.

 2.4. Adding small changes in functionality according to customer requirements, agreed in advance. The allotted time for working on changes does not exceed 10 hours per month based on the employment of one specialist.

 3. Elimination of errors and restoration of performance.

 3.1. Elimination of errors causing complete inoperability of the software.

 3.2. Elimination of errors that cause inoperability of individual software modules.

 3.3. Elimination of errors that cause incorrect software operation.

 3.4. Elimination of incidents not related to software errors, but causing the software to malfunction (OS settings, configuration settings).

4. Time parameters of service provision

4.1. The CONTRACTOR provides services on weekdays from 09:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m.

The EXECUTOR's dispatcher within 1 (one) working hour from the moment of registration of the application, appoints an engineer responsible for the execution of the application.

4.2. The execution time of applications is calculated from the moment of their registration and cannot be:

- more than 1 (one) working day if it is necessary to restore working capacity according to clause 3 (excluding clause 3.4.);

- more than 2 (Two) working days if you need to get advice on item 1;

- more than 5 (Five) working days in case of incidents leading to complete inoperability of the software (but not related to errors in the software);