Of course, we clearly understand that we not implemented all features you can be needed. Someone finds that he needs additional buttons, other wish to get the different views and so on. Anyway we are ready to adopt our products to your needs. For example, one of our customers used the Carmona OCM broadcast dialer and Carmona Contact Center. The big idea comes in his mind - couldn't the calls queue be started by simple pressing of phone buttons? In a week we implemented this feature (now it is available from the box). Another one decided that Customer Card is not fit for his needs. We've received the specifications and now his version of Customer Card looks as below.

There are differences from the standard view, aren't there?

Send your wishes and we will implement them in the next version. If we consider that your wish is applaiable to a mass product, then most likely we will implement it for you for free. If not, then the implementation will be done at an additional cost.