Carmona Supervisor

Carmona Supervisor - application that allows supervisor person to monitor the work of the Contact Center agents.
Carmona Supervisor is focused on working with ICD Groups and allows you to watch current calls in the groups, to get statistics on calls, control the work of agents, and manage their status and presence in groups.

Assuming that your call-center is based on PBX ICD groups, first we have to do is to place required  for monitoring group views on the dashboard.

Carmona Supervisor allows you to add existing PBX groups to dashboard as well as to remove them.

Carmona Supervisor allows you to add agents to groups right in the dashboard. Changes applies to PBX configuration immediately after you drag and drop extension onto group view. Of course, you can as remove them from groups as well.

Carmona Supervisor allows you to change the extension names... well as the group names. Changes applies to PBX , be careful.

When you arranged the groups and their members, and adjusted required settings, you can monitor your call-center(s) work. Of course you can use the DSS console.

Actions related to the Agent call

In expanded agent panel you can monitor the call

... make the conference


... assign a call route for the caller

... send an urgent message to the agent


... pickup the incoming call

... open chat with the agent


... whisper a hint to the agent

Information about group calls, logged-in sessions, payloads, call durations

Each group on the dashboard has own expandable info panel. Here you can see information about various calls for the selected time range

... and some additional information

Double click on the parameter name in the panel provides the related quick report

Call reports are featured with filters, CLI route assigners, callback ability and callback evaluation tool. You can check the agent's in-group presence for each call and open the table in PDF viewer.