Carmona Agent Pro

Call visualization
Call control
Log-on/log-off in groups
Embedded chat
Dial pad
DSS panel
Customer card
External app launch

Carmona Agent Pro is the desktop application that allows to visualize and control the calls as well as get short reports for calls.



Application is logically assigned with the extension of PBX. The best performance can be achieved with Panasonic proprietary phones, digital either IP (including softphones).








Call center agent can control the call - answer, hold, transfer, dial, etc.

Application can run in hidden mode, when the main window doesn't popup at every call. Also you can configure the popup's appearance special mode, when small notifications popups in right bottom corner of your desktop.




Application has the dial pad with the phonebooks(saved on server)

Call agent can log-on or log-off in groups.




Application also has the DSS console, where you can assign extensions, CO lines, groups and one touch dials, up to 70 buttons summary.

Agents can use simple chat.





Agents can receive special messages from Supervisor.


Agent can get short reports for lost calls, all incoming and outgoing calls.

And make call from any table


When call back is finished, agent can evaluate the call, or add own comment. Those evaluations or comments are visible for all Carmona Agent Pro users, so they can decide is there next call back needed or not.

Also agent can assign the route to defined extension for the customer. Route will work for defined time range. Agent application, of course, should have the permission for this operation.

The CRM element

We implemented the Customer Card in Carmona Agent Pro application. In this card you can set all required information about your customers and companies. 

We can help you to import existing data from your data sources, databases or other.

You can configure the customer card appearance mode. The card can appear at each call, minimized or expanded, or can be hidden at call. In all cases customer card can be brought to screen from main window or from report tables on demand.

At the moment two tabs realized - the customer info tab and the company info tab. There are not any imlemented CRM actions related to customer call , such as new lead creating, passing call information to managers, scheduled callbacks ond so on. But there is the third, still empty tab - Business - where we ready to implement your own CRM logic.


Another way to integrate application with your CRM system is ability to launch the external application (exe files, batch files or scripts) at call. You can pass to external application the following parameters: Caller ID, Called extension, CO line number, DDI number and custom parameter (as string). Also you can configure on which call type the external application should be launched: incoming call, outgoing call, answered call, only call with CID received or any call.