Many companies and organizations are using office switching systems (PBX, PABX) to control their telecommunications. Call bills are usually the largest part of all telecommunication expenses.

While International and long-distance calls costs are going down, the bills are still considerable. Call accounting can help you reduce these bills by motivating employees to make significantly less non-business calls.

Modern switching systems can provide useful information to help you manage these expenses. This function is typically called SMDR (Station Message Detail Recording) or CDR (Call Detail Recording). The system outputs call records in plain text via serial port (or Telnet network connection). Call record always include basic information about the call (extension number, trunk id, dialed number, call starting time and duration). Some systems can output extra information (account code, call type, Caller ID information for incoming calls, etc.).

To collect and process these vast amounts of information you would need a call accounting software package like PBX Call Tarifficator. It can work with any PBX system that provides SMDR/CDR output. Please contact your PBX installer to check if your system can do it.

PBX Call Tarifficator can capture SMDR information from the PBX system as soon as call is completed, analyze it, convert to database record format and store on hard disk. It requires a PC with available serial port (or LAN adapter), which is connected to PBX system. The software will calculate call cost depending on duration, destination and rate tables. Calls database would be available for browsing, reports printing, exporting, etc.

PBX Call Tarifficator helps to
 Track all outgoing and incoming calls to employees. 
 Maintain archives for any time period. Allocate phone usage costs to employees and departments.

 Optimize PBX system configuration (determine if some outside 
 lines are overloaded or underused).

 Control PBX system abuse. Check all information about suspicious calls.

 Print bills for the customers.

 Verify toll call bills from the phone company.

 Reduce non-business phone usage.

PBX Call Tarifficator

 Works with VoIP telephony (SIP, H.323, etc.) as long as PBX system supports it.

 Contains a built-in country/area codes database for more than 1200 destinations.

 Is ideally suited for hotels and call shops (postpaid call billing). 

 Uses spreadsheet-like intuitive user interface.

 Is accessible from any PC in your LAN.

 Provides many statistics reports useful for call centers (average ringtime, calls per extension, unanswered calls, etc.)

 Operates as Windows service (ideal for server installations).

 Provides optional password protected access to different features and functions.

 Provides built-in editor which enables customer to translate user interface to almost any language (French, German, Spanish, etc.).

The software was first released in 1998 and is constantly developed.



To get more details visit PBX Call Tarifficator site

Due to fact the PBX Call Tarifficator hasn't any trial version you cannot evaluate how it works with your PBX in a simple way. To resolve this issue we offer to use PCT Demo applcation.