Win10-64 Setup

Win7-64 Setup

Installer in zip. Unzip before launch.

PresenceS – software that allows to use BLF buttons on Panasonic SIP phones connected to Panasonic PBX.


The main idea of PresenceS is usage of simplified SIP presence server, on which SIP phones register and CSTA connector to PBX to get phones or lines statuses, which are sent to registered SIP phones.

Another option is to use connection to Carmona Contact Center Server instead of direct connection to PBX.

Number of SIP phones that can be registered are defined by purchased license. Not licensed software can work with only two SIP phone registrations.

PresenceS can work with the following models of PBX:

  • Panasonic series: KX-TDE, KX-NCP, KX-NS, KX-NSX , KX-NSV

PresenceS can work with the following models of SIP phones:

  • Panasonic series: KX-HDV, KX-UT, KX-TGP