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Carmona OCM - the software for automatic notification or announcement by means of SIP phone lines.

The system of automatic notification over SIP telephone lines Carmona OCM is designed to organize the process of automatic notification by phone of an unlimited number of subscribers using a prepared list.

The main task solved by the system is as follows: in accordance with the compiled algorithm, at the appointed time, the system initiates a call to subscribers according to a predetermined list and transmits voice messages to subscribers. Subscriber lists, voice messages and other data necessary for setting the notification script are stored on a computer disk. The system allows you to work with an unlimited number of lists. In addition, each subscriber can have their own notification script.

Subscriber lists can be created manually or imported into the system. Speech messages are pre-arranged or made up of ready-made fragments. Text-to-speech technology can also be used. The message can be voiced various information for each subscriber (for example, the amount owed).

You can use information from an existing customer database for import as well as from Excel or CSV files.

While executing the process of notification, the system determines the status of the called party and, when answered, starts a voice message. If the phone is busy or not answered, the system repeats the call after a while. In this case, all possible phones of the subscriber are sequentially dialed. As a confirmation of the fact of receiving the message, the subscriber can enter a specific key or sequence of keys using the buttons of .their phone.

The system also allows the subscriber to leave a response message. Digitally recorded messages are saved on the computer’s hard disk as standard WAV audio files.

Application areas of the system:

Financial sphere:

Personalized notifying of customers about the state of the individual account, the existense of debt, the terms and procedure for repayment of the loan, a reminder of the need for timely payment


Mass notification of the public and employees of organizations about emergencies Informing employees of organizations about incidents at the enterprise

Service providers:

Informing consumers of suppliers of electricity / thermal energy, water utilities, Internet / telecom providers of accidents and maintenance work in the network, a reminder of the need for timely payment

Sociological aspects:

Sociological surveys and polls in order to control the quality of service

Data actualization:

Monitoring the relevance of customer-specified contact details


Reminding about medication intakes, visits to doctor, prescribed procedures, and so on.  


Carmona OCM is a pure software product and does not require any hardware adapters. Carmona OCM software can be installed on computers running Windows 7, Windows 8.x, Windows 10 / Windows Server 2008 and higher.

Carmona OCM can interact directly with telecom operators, software PBXs (Asterisk, etc.) and with Panasonic PBXs of the KX-TDE / NCP / NS / NSX series.

(when using the latter, you must also use the Carmona Contact Center Server software).